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JAMM Fiercely Fires Up a Full Crowd on Seventh Street (2022)

Joli Asuncion

Featured Artist: JAMM tells all about upcoming music and the Chico music scene (2019)

Kati Morris



Jake Nolen

"JAMM are a nostalgic blend of 90's ska and rocksteady with a modern twist of something else entirely. I've never known them to not completely deliver onstage or in the studio. This is a band worth paying attention to!"



Lauren Shannon - Promotions Director

"When I saw JAMM was putting on another house show at the end of April I was ecstatic because if any band knows how to put on a show, it’s JAMM. This reggae-rock band creates music that will pull anyone up from their seat and on to their feet. Streaming their music will pump you up for your day, but seeing them live is an entirely different experience. JAMM’s house shows are better than any other party you can find. Their fans gather together in the backyard ready to mosh the second David’s sticks start banging on the drums. Ian’s bass skills lead those not in the mosh pit to their feet to let loose and bust a move. The second Anthony whips out his Saxophone the entire crowd goes berserk dancing and moshing, just letting loose. Not a single person is left standing still. When the band announces it’s time for their final song the crowd is disappointed to see the show is ending, even though we’ve been rocking out for hours. If you’re lucky enough to see this band live, be prepared to enjoy an electric and unforgettable show that you will not be able to stop talking about."


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EP Review: Get your morning started by jamming to Jamm’s “Abducted” 

Turn this one up as you start your day and you’ll feel positive energy all around. 

I’m really vibing with the EP’s first song “Another Day With You”, a fun love song that shows off the band’s reggae rock sound.

Lead singer Anthony Coseo lays down amazing vocals that bring me all sorts of nostalgic feels. 


So High” showcases Matt Crocco’s smooth guitar and the on point drumming of David Bygum. I love how Jamm was able to get a live music sound across their EP!...


Amateur Magazine


"Jamm’s live show is high-energy and fun. They get up on stage and feel like they’re just jamming in the garage. They’re comfortable with each other and like playing off the energy of the crowd and the moment."

Amplified SD

Meet the band: JAMM

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