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Vocals/Saxophone - Anthony Coseo

Lead Guitar - Matt Crocco

Bass Guitar - Ian McIssac

Drums - David R. Bygum

During the sweltering summer heat of 2018, JAMM was born from a simple Craigslist ad. Guitarist, Matt Crocco and his cousin Mitch Koff wanted to get their dream of playing live music underway in the college town of Chico, CA. When 18 year-old soon-to-be college freshman Anthony Coseo answered that Craigslist ad in the summer of 2018, none of them would have guessed what was to follow.

After meeting in late August 2018, the band put on their first show a mere three days later in the back yard of Crocco's house. The show was a major success and the boys were hooked. Every day the boys practiced in their tiny garage practice space, writing more original material and learning whatever covers would turn a backyard party into a rager. Just about every weekend, more backyard house shows were brought to fruition and pretty soon the band began landing gigs within various bars and restaurants within the city of Chico. As the years passed on, Crocco befriended his new neighbor, Ian McIssac. McIssac took a large interest in the band, being a musician himself, and soon took on the roll of bass-player. JAMM's popularity very soon extended farther than Chico, and the band began booking in the Sacramento, The Bay Area, and San Diego. 

At the start of 2023, JAMM relocated to San Diego, CA permanently. With the release of their EP "Abducted" in November of 2022, the band has been visiting various different Southern California & Northern California stages and enjoying consistent growth and opportunity. 

...and the story won't stop there...

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